The Roxy Greek Museum

The Roxy Greek Museum was opened on April 5, 2014. It further increases the national significance of The Roxy Complex by conserving and protecting the important cultural associations between people and place. It is destined to attract people from all walks of life, all wanting to share this unique experience.

The mission of The Roxy Museum is to evidence, explain and illustrate the story of Greek immigration and settlement in the country areas of NSW and Queensland in the first half of the 20th Century. This was a period when most Greeks owned or were employed in cafes and a considerable number conducted picture theatres.

The collection of artefacts and images provides tangible evidence and reminders of the era of Greek cafes and cinemas. It also marks significant points in the Greek immigrants’ journey from Greece and in their subsequent ‘journey’ towards becoming Australian.

The Museum’s most important artefacts are The Roxy Theatre and Peter’s Cafe, built by Greek immigrants in the 1930s and now beautifully restored and serving their original functions. It is hoped The Roxy Museum will become a place of national significance that conserves and protects the important cultural association between people and place.

Visit The Roxy website to view the history of The Roxy Greek Museum.

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