All Nations Hill

The All Nations Gold Mine gave a boost to the town when it was established on the hill at the southern end of Bingara in 1868. Named for the multicultural spectrum of workers on-site, All Nations Hill Stamper Battery operated intermittently until 1907 and permanently closed after a final bout from 1938 to 1948. It was used to crush the ore before extracting gold.

It was a very large underground mine in its day, operating at four levels in two shafts, the deepest being 100m. It was the last of the boom gold mines to close and now only the ten-headed stamper battery remains.

The elevated location takes in spectacular views of Bingara and the valley and is a great spot for a picnic or evening walk.

Historical Photos

Sourced from CD entitled “A photo album of EARLY BINGARA”, compiled by Richard Smith for Bingara District Historical Society.

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